Karey Covington, CST  President​ 2019-2021


Jessica Brueggen, CST  Vice President


Jessica has been a surgical technologist since 2007.  She has worked at a level 2 trauma center till 2013 and an out patient surgery center since.  She has served on the WI AST Board for 6 years and on the CO/WY AST board since 2018.  When she is not at work you can find her out hiking one of Colorado's many fine trails, kayaking in one of the beautiful lakes, or camping under the vast star filled sky. 

 Francis LeBlanc, CST Secretary




Piyapol Kongsomboonveh (CK), CST Treasurer


CK works in the OR where he loves scrubbing sports medicine, total joint, and ORIFS.  He is a foodie and will try anything.  When he is not saving someones limbs he can be found rock climbing, doing archery, skiing, and obstacle running.  Enjoys the lil things in life, for one day you look back it can be the big things".


Nicole Klenk, CST Board Of Directors 


Jeannette Masters, CST Board Of Directors 2018-2020

Shane Sykes, CST Board of Directors 2019-2021

Ashleigh Chamley, CST Board of Directors 2019-2020

Lyndsey Engelstad, CST Board of Directors 2019-2020