Francis LeBlanc, CST Board of Directors


Jeannette Masters, CST Board Of Directors 2018-2020

Shane Sykes, CST Board of Directors 2019-2021

Ashleigh Chamley, CST Board of Directors 2019-2020

Lyndsey Engelstad, CST Board of Directors 2019-2020


News //

51st Annual AST Conference to be held in Atlanta, GA

May 28-30, 2020

Stay tuned for information on our Spring 2020 meeting held in Colorado Springs

DORA requirements for Colorado Techs

Make sure you get your fingerprints and background check complete before the deadline!



Welcome to the Colorado/Wyoming State Assembly of the Association of Surgical Technologists Website!


Code of Ethics


1. To maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and patient care.


2. To hold in confidence with respect to the patient’s beliefs, all personal matters.


3. To respect and protect the patient’s legal and moral rights to quality patient care.


4. To not knowingly cause injury or any injustice to those entrusted to our care.


5. To work with fellow technologists and other professional health groups to promote harmony and unity for better patient care.


6. To always follow the principles of asepsis.


7. To maintain a high degree of efficiency through continuing education.


8. To maintain and practice surgical technology willingly, with pride and dignity.


9. To report any unethical conduct or practice to the proper authority.


10. To adhere to the Code of Ethics at all times in relationship to all members of the health care team.